Friday, September 28, 2007



A scrapbook is essentially a decorated photo album. What makes it different from an ordinary photo album is the way it preserves much more than just your photos. A scrapbook tells the story behind the images and can include personal memorabilia, such as tickets, certificates, letters and so on. You might have a family album as well as a smaller theme album for holidays, hobbies or a baby’s first months


Instead of just placing photographs in a photo album, a scrap booker aims to capture the feeling and the mood associated with their memories. Photographs are embellished with all sorts of additional items to help set the mood of a spread. It enriches memories . It is a ideal personalized gift as it itself speaks journey of life. You can gift it on birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion


You can make scrapbook with any material at home .Any small things or cuteribbons can make your scrapbook very attractive
You essentially need
• The most important scrap booking supply is the album itself, which can be permanently bound, or allow for insertion of pages. There are other formats, such as mini albums and accordion-style fold-out albums. Some of these are adhered to various containers, such as matchbooks, CD cases, or other small holders.
• Colourful papers.
• Fabric or poster colour.
• Photo corner mounts.
• Glue or fevicol.
• Scissors.
• Various accessories, referred to as "embellishments," are used to decorate scrapbook pages ribbons, stickers, dry flowers and other flat items are used to embellish photographs to set the tone.


• Decide The Right Size For Your Album
• Choose The Right Paper For Your Project
• Capture Memorable Incidents
• You can also choose a theme if you gift it on any special occasion
• Include Quotes on Your Scrapbook Pages
• Collect accessories Related to The Photographs
• Attach Photo Corners
• If you don’t want to make a scrapbook one can even make single page and gift like a card
You can find useful links for scrapbook designs on this site.
So if you have a little creative flair and if you want to make your photograph not mere incidents but experiences to cherish then start quickly…..